This week, STEM Healthcare’s senior global training team has gathered from nine countries across the globe in the UK for its annual training workshop.

The 20 senior trainers, together with STEM’s broader training team, oversees STEM’s 500 fieldworkers operating in more than 40 countries across the world. Their role is crucial in ensuring that the thousands of observations carried out by STEM every year are measured carefully and consistently to continue building the largest and most robust benchmarking database in the industry.

The senior training team is on track to double in size in the next 12 months as demand for STEM’s services continues to grow. It’s a huge achievement made possible by the dedication of the whole team working towards this end goal. The additional senior trainers will enable the next wave of fieldworkers to join the training team and ensure that STEM’s methodology remains robust throughout its sustained period of global growth.

STEM’s Global Training Manager, Helen Rathmell, said: “Our training team demonstrates remarkable commitment to the consistent and excellent collection of benchmarking data across the globe. Together with our fantastic team of fieldworkers, we are able to give our clients rich insights that they can rely upon to further accelerate performance whatever their situation. I look forward to seeing our senior training team and the STEM business continue to grow over the coming year.