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Connecting solutions to help a client address a threat to the brand and improve it’s performance

The challenge

Our client knew that the prescribing of a key brand in a major market had slowed and needed to understand which patient segments were impacted so they could address the threat and take immediate action.

Our solution

To support our client’s complex challenge, we triangulated 3 EU5 data sources they had commissioned with us:

Research Partnership’s Therapy Watch market tracking: Real-world prescribing data from the client’s syndicated subscription validated the drop in market share and analysts provided a holistic view about the patient profiles being served with our client’s product.

Research Partnership’s Brand tracking research:  We applied insights from our twice-yearly global brand tracking research with HCPs to understand perceptions of the brand in the market. Data showed the brand was performing strongly but had plateaued on the core efficacy metric, integral to the brand’s strategy. However, long-term safety perceptions remain inferior for this class with HCPs cautious to adopt for certain patient profiles.

STEM Strategic brand alignment:  We assessed how brand strategy was implemented with HCPs and observed the sales / HCP interaction in the key market to understand what was happening in field. By leveraging Research Partnership’s market and brand tracking data, analysts were able to identify that HCPs would be receptive to the client’s strategy, and they were on the right track in communicating the key brand benefits. However, interviews with sales reps revealed that they held deep-seated beliefs about addressing safety concerns and were, therefore, not sufficiently conveying the benefits for low-risk patient groups.

The results

The STEM and Research Partnership consulting teams were able to offer deep insights with precise recommendations on how to better execute the brand strategy, providing our client with a comprehensive picture of brand perception, in field interactions and prescribing methods:

  • Brand perception: We tracked awareness of this leading brand and monitored its uptake in market share post-launch, as well as its position on the adoption ladder and how this evolved.
  • Competitor analysis: We gauged brand equity and analysed where there were meaningful differentiation vs. competitors
  • Prescribing decisions: We provided our client with an understanding of the main drivers influencing prescribing decisions and perceptions of product performance on these drivers
  • Message recall: We assessed message recall for our client’s reps and key competitors and provided recommendations to the sales team on improving revenues