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Factors affecting the adoption of brand

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The challenge

Identify the internal and external root causes of low in-market adoption of brand in approved indication. Prove or disprove a perceived link to in-field knowledge issues, ability to overcome cost concerns, ineffective coverage or any other issues for immediate action. (Link – patent expiry 2028 – generics are looming)

Our solution

STEM conducted cross-functional interviews and sales team field visit observations to identify knowledge and buy-in to the current campaign and understand which call and campaign elements were the most impactful with HCPs.

The information gathered was then Industry Benchmarked to understand:

  • A solid framework for in-call success (Best Practice)  – pre-call planning/questions/objection handling/call outcomes/follow-up
  • Are marketing strategies translated into execution? Do they understand and know exactly what needs to be done? (collaboration with marketing)
  • Understanding the differences between mood/confidence/belief versus skillset

How often is there a clear outcome to the customer interaction where customers have agreed a clear behavioural change?

The results

Highly motivated team believing in the strategic direction and positioning.

Biggest block for further adoption is cost concerns. The Sales Force is not handling this objection in majority of cases.

HCPs agree to a behaviour change (currently only 12% of interactions) when their treatment regimens are challenged, invited to engage in marketing messages and have their concerns addressed.

Majority of the pre-call plans did not have a clear idea of where/in who they are going source the growth (situation related), resulting in 1:3 calls not specifying positioning for growth.

Sales team would benefit from marketing joining HCP visits/create events to support their needs to create more awareness.

  • 16% of interactions uncovered a growth opportunity
  • 93% of sales team deem high treatment cost as biggest block
  • 35% of calls did not specify a patient source of business
  • 80% of sales team would like support in field from marketing