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Benchmarking strategic alignment for sales and marketing teams

Want to understand how aligned your team is to your brand direction, and how effectively it is being executed in just 12-14 weeks? With benchmarks from >5000 commercial projects across every therapy area, we’ll give you robust and relevant insights that will accelerate your performance further.

How does STEM work?

Watch this short video to see how STEM works with commercial pharmaceutical teams to accelerate high performance

Examples of what we quantify

STEM will quantify over >140 KPIs, tailored to your needs. This will enable you to understand specifically what is happening within your team or organisation.

  • 1 What percentage of the cross functional team know and believe in the brand strategy and to what extent do you lose traction the deeper into the organisation you go?
  • 2 What’s the belief in the brand messaging, core story and materials and how are these used with during customer selling interaction?
  • 3 How aligned are people on the target patient?
  • 4 In what percentage of calls do sales representatives truly engage the customer through high value questions?
  • 5 How often is there a clear outcome to the customer interaction where customers have agreed a clear behavioural change?

Client Testimonials

“STEM provides a unique and invaluable service that helps to keep positive pressure in the system so that affiliates… always strive for improvements in the way we execute”

Sales & Marketing Operational Excellence Leader

“STEM provides a powerful mirror… to pinpoint action plans to accelerate sales team performance”

Board Member

“Partnering with STEM has clearly helped my teams turn around performance and drive better results”

General Manager

“We have seen improved selling skills as audited by STEM and have accelerated market share gains across key brands, with IMS measured sales force details up by 30%”


“The STEM model enables me to view how consistently our strategy is being implemented at all levels of the organization. It’s been a critical diagnosis for making rapid improvements during our 3 launches this year.”

President, US

Some principles of how we achieve commercial excellence

  • 1Field days completed with field-based sales representatives to observe what happens in real life
  • 2A systematic process, with specific tailoring by client where necessary
  • 3Performed by an objective locally based team, independent of brand operations, all native speakers
  • 4A quantified and benchmarked set of results quantifying alignment and best practice
  • 5Conducted periodically as part of a regular process that reviews functional performance