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From perceptions to prescribing: Combining forces with next-generation tracking and benchmarking to accelerate brand performance

Performance tracking is essential for understanding your brand’s health in the market. However, the insights from a tracker alone may not give you the full picture to optimize your brand. How can you understand the impact of your marketing strategy out in the field, and use the learnings to create an action plan for improvement?

We have the answer. Market research insights specialist STEM and Research Partnership have joined forces as part of Inizio Advisory to deliver next-generation performance tracking and benchmarking. Request this webcast to learn about our new integrated approaches giving clients the level of insights they need to accelerate brand performance.

Whilst perceptual trackers typically provide strong information on brand awareness, perceptions and likely usage, the challenge is in determining how perceptions of the brand are translating into prescribing behavior. What is the resulting market share? Where is business coming from? What is the typical patient profile? What is driving switching?

The webinar is co-hosted by Adam Boucher, Head of Product and Innovation at STEM Healthcare. STEM provides commercial benchmarking services, to quantify strategic alignment and observe how brand direction is pulled through at the customer interface to pinpoint opportunities to accelerate brand performance

STEM Healthcare is joined by Karen Swords, Head of Research Partnership’s Quantitative Centre of Excellence and Tilly Lowkis, Business Development Manager of RP’s Syndicated PRF service, Therapy Watch, demonstrate how by marrying perceptual tracking data with real-world prescribing insights we can help you better understand what product attributes, messages and communications are truly driving value in the market.

In this webcast you will learn:
  1. How to track HCP perceptions while interpreting how they typically make decisions, i.e. with their system 1 brain (‘fast, automatic and intuitive’) as well as system 2 (‘slow and deliberate’).
  2. How to link insights across numerous waves of research by tracking physician behavior, enabling you to compare and measure, for example, how share of voice might impact perceptions, or how perceptions might impact product use.
  3. How to understand your teams’ strategic alignment and pull through of your direction at the customer interface.
  4. How to close the circle – understanding how HCPs’ brand perceptions are driving prescribing behavior, to make adaptations out in the field which will lead to improved commercial performance.

Watch the webcast.