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Account Management Projects

Strengthen your account management based on in-depth insights

By managing complex decision-making chains while balancing the demands of multiple stakeholders, account managers play a critical role in pharmaceutical sales. But do you know how effective your teams really are? How well do they understand your strategy? And how effectively do your account plan objectives translate into results? Are your current Account Planning tools and processes fit for purpose?

At STEM we get under the hood of your account management, diving deep to analyse your teams and your plan’s effectiveness and giving you the clear insights to drive improvements.

Our findings are benchmarked against an extensive database, based on results from over 500 projects and more than 1,400 account plan reviews with the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies.

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Our 3-step approach to analysing the effectiveness of your account management

  • 1 Interview your cross functional account team to assess the level of alignment and collaboration.
  • 2 Review account plans to assess their quality, clarity and alignment with overall brand strategy.
  • 3 Observe account team planning meetings to assess content, challenges and outcomes.


STEM’s guidance has allowed us to now work SMARTER, enabling a stronger customer focused approach to our Account Management process


STEM have provided us remarkable insights for developing our account management capabilities. We can certainly see the improvement in our account management planning and execution and how they translate in to improved business outcomes

GM, Nordics

Make account management analysis part of the bigger picture

The success of your business depends on all functions working together in concert. So while it’s beneficial to analyse the effectiveness of your account management teams, our clients unlock the most value when we also look at their commercial, sales and field medical teams.

Benefits include:

  • 1Understanding how well all functions align with strategic objectives.
  • 2Measuring how well account plan objectives translate into action in the field.
  • 3Identifying to what extent account management strengths and weaknesses are directly affecting in-field execution.

    Our flexible approach means that account management analysis projects can be carried out in parallel, before or after other STEM projects.