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STEM's Evolution

Through innovation, strategic alignment and resiliency over the years, STEM has expanded to 49 countries with 150+ employees over the past 15 years

Fine tuning and accelerating brand performance

A pharmaceutical brand team is like an orchestra. There are many moving parts and sections in an orchestra that must come together seamlessly to produce great music. As a brand leader you will have many ‘moving parts’ and sections in your organisation. All of these parts- for example commercial, medical, business and market intelligence - must come together seamlessly to produce a great brand plan. Whilst the conductor of an orchestra can hear if a section is out of tune and quickly fix it, for a brand leader that is more difficult. We know how hard it is to see and hear everything that is happening across the layers of the brand team. This is where STEM can help. By acting as your eyes and ears, we can help to pinpoint areas that need to be fine-tuned to accelerate your brand performance.

How STEM can help you

We work with all types of field based teams to quantify alignment from leadership direction to quality of field execution across all functions. The STEM process varies a little, depending upon the types of teams we work with, and is typically conducted every 6 to 12 months to identify strengths and opportunities to continuously accelerate high performance.

  • 1 Confidential interviews with head office teams, field team managers and field based teams to measure internal understanding of and alignment with strategy, and expectations of the field team.
  • 2 Anonymous observations of field teams to measure quality of execution
  • 3 Presentation of the results following analysis by our in-house team, just 6-8 weeks after the first interviews take place. We will pinpoint 2-3 highly practical opportunities to accelerate performance.
  • 4 Action plan agreed and implemented by your internal team.
  • 5 We return in 6-12 months to measure progress made following the internal implementation of the action plan.

Converting STEM Insights into Actions

Watch this short video to see how STEM insights become actions to accelerate high performance