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Meet the team: Justyna – Global Trainer

We have field workers from a wide variety of backgrounds.

Justyna started as a freelance field worker for STEM in 2012. Based in France, she later became a mentor for other field workers and is now a trainer for colleagues in several countries. She has a background in business, marketing and international management.

Working for STEM as a freelance field worker is great – it’s fun and flexible, but it also provides regular work and a stable income.
STEM has always given me the peace of mind that, even if I don’t have a lot of other work on, I’ve got STEM. As a freelancer, I’ve really valued that security. And even though you’re working remotely and not full-time, STEM really makes you feel part of the company and the culture – there’s always good contact between people.

Every day is a new challenge as you’ll meet and work with different people.
As a field worker, you meet with clients’ sales reps or medical science liaisons, go with them to observe their interactions with doctors and other healthcare professionals, and see how their marketing campaigns work in action. You then carry out questionnaires with the reps and write up reports. The reports are very structured and straightforward – it’s not about creativity, it’s about providing clear facts. The quality of data we provide to clients is vital. The challenge is making the reps feel comfortable and being flexible enough to fit around their schedule. How many days a month you work really depends on your availability and the size of the project. Meeting people is very interesting, as is learning about different products and therapy areas. You certainly never get bored!

A pharma background is great, but not essential.
We have field workers from a wide variety of backgrounds – pharma sales, market research, marketing, business, management. The main things are that you’re flexible and very comfortable talking to people, with strong observational skills and a good level of written English.

Whatever your background, you’ll receive excellent training and support.
All field workers receive comprehensive training at the start, which continues throughout your time with us. You’re also supported by a mentor, who provides feedback and helps your development.

Although you’re a freelancer, you have opportunities to progress your career with STEM.
As part of a large, global organization, there are possibilities to get involved in project coordination and management, or become a mentor or trainer, like I did.