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Give your product the best chance of success

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That old saying about never getting a second chance to make a first impression? It’s true about so many things in life. Job interviews. Meeting with a new client. And, of course, launching a new product.

When you’ve spent so much time and money developing a new drug, you want to give it the best shot at success – which means hitting the ground running, first time, every time

At STEM, we’re experts in helping pharmaceutical companies launch products and maximize their return on investment. In fact, over the past 12 years, we’ve supported more than 500 product launches in 10 therapy areas, right across the world.

Pre-launch preparation

Our clients achieve the greatest success when we’re involved at an early stage – typically 3-6 months before launch, depending on the type of product or marketing complexities.

Working closely with you we will:

  • Assess how aligned your cross-functional leadership team is to your product strategy and plan for launch.
  • Quantify how ready your sales team is for launch through virtual role play, assessing the effectiveness of interactions.
  • Measure your teams’ belief in the direction you’ve set for them – and their confidence to execute it.
  • Benchmark how capable your field medical team is at raising disease and treatment awareness with your Key Opinion Leaders and institutions, developing relationships and advocacy, understanding unmet need and generating quality insights to inform commercial strategy.
  • Measure the effectiveness of local account team collaboration and alignment, and provide insight to help you shape high-quality account plans for launch.
  • Identify any root causes that may need further attention
Post-launch acceleration

Once you’ve launched, we’ll carry out detailed assessments to maintain momentum, highlight strengths, spot opportunities for improvement and accelerate product performance.

We’ll do this by quantifying and benchmarking:

  • Your commercial team’s execution of your brand strategy.
  • Your field medical team’s abilities to effectively educate healthcare professionals, build advocacy and generate valuable insights.
  • The effectiveness of coordination across local account teams and the quality of their plans (ideally done one-to-three months post-launch).

The road to brand success is a challenging one, but one made easier and more effective if you have a detailed picture of where your strengths and opportunities lie. And that’s where STEM can add real value.

To find out more, get in touch and let’s make your next product launch your best yet.