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Field Medical Projects

Quantifying functional alignment and scientific engagement skills of field medical teams

How aligned with the brand direction is your field medical or MSL team? Are the MSLs and their managers aligned with the strategic direction given by the central head office team?

The role of the MSL is integral to the success of a brand. At STEM we quantify the functional and brand alignment of medical teams, together with the in-call engagement capabilities of MSLs, using selected KPIs during our Field Medical projects.

How does STEM work?

Watch this short video to see how STEM works with pharmaceutical field medical teams to accelerate high performance

Examples of what we quantify

STEM will measure over >140 KPIs, tailored to your needs. This will enable you to understand specifically what is happening within your team or organisation.

  • 1 What percentage of medical teams know and believe in the functional direction and prioritisation that has been set?
  • 2 What percentage of medical teams know and believe in the relevant elements of brand direction and prioritisation that has been set?
  • 3 What’s the belief and confidence to engage in prioritised scientific communication topics?
  • 4 In what percentage of calls do MSL truly engage the customer through high value questions?

Client Testimonials

“The STEM project facilitated the development of a very high performing MSL team”

MSL Manager

“An extremely useful objective measurement of the effectiveness of the medical engagement of the MSL team”

MSL Manager

“By conducting a series of STEM audits we can see how well we are doing, what areas we need to focus on and how the team has progressed over the period of time”

MSL Manager

“STEM is a great tool… to check the strategic alignment of the medical team with the overall brand strategy”

Executive Vice President, Medical

“In the last two countries I ran STEM was an invaluable tool so when I started my role in the US bringing STEM in… was essential”

President, US

Some principles of how we achieve field medical excellence

  • 1Field days completed with all MSLs to observe what happens in real life
  • 2A systematic process, with specific tailoring by client where necessary, taking into account internal global guidelines and local regulatory rules
  • 3Final approach signed off by the senior Medical Leader within the organisation
  • 4Performed by an objective locally based, team independent of brand operations, all native speakers
  • 5A quantified and benchmarked set of results quantifying alignment and best practice
  • 6Conducted periodically as part of a regular process that reviews functional performance