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Helping clients optimize customer engagement to enhance customer experience.

A key driver of brand performance is the ability to optimize customer engagement to enhance customer experience. Whilst our clients have ample data, many will often lack the time, resources, tools, or expertise to thoroughly analyze and interpret this data to extract meaningful and actionable insights which they can leverage to drive impact.

Gaining insights into how physicians perceive their interactions with your team is among the most valuable pieces of insights a brand can receive.  Frequently, we observe misalignment between the types of conversations and content that is being sought by healthcare professionals (HCPs), and what is actually being delivered by pharmaceutical field teams.

At STEM, we are in the unique position to observe these HCP interactions as they happen, and get immediate post-call feedback from the customers about their experience. This enables us to provide our clients with in-depth insights and recommendations to enhance the experiences that customers have in every future conversation.

Perspectives from STEM’s CEO.

Our CEO, Dermot Kenny explains the importance of gaining insights to optimize your customer engagement.

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