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Virtual Interaction Projects

Building an effective approach in a changing landscape

In an uncertain world transformed by the global pandemic, many businesses are rethinking how to reach their customers – and pharmaceutical companies are no different. It’s an unprecedented challenge, but one STEM is well equipped to support. Our experts can help you swiftly adapt to meet your individual circumstances whether it is an integrated virtual or fully virtual environment, we can help you to maximise interactions with healthcare professionals, build powerful relationships and accelerate performance.

For us, virtual is nothing new. We have extensive experience across more than 100 projects of analysing multiple field teams that use different technology to interact with many different types of customers. This broad, detailed view has given us a wealth of data with which we can benchmark your performance and produce actionable insights to reshape your future.

Over 80% of pharma companies utilize some form of virtual/remote interactions on a consistent basis to engage with HCPs

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Virtual Capabilities

Creating a positive customer experience in the virtual environment

Connecting with healthcare professionals and other customers virtually isn’t as simple as replacing face-to-face meetings with video calls. But with our support, you’ll have the analysis with which to strengthen your strategy, tailor your messages and improve your teams’ skills – ensuring all your virtual interactions are a success.

We look at:

  • 1
    • Do you and your teams know your approach for virtual interactions?
    • What platforms are you using and how will you make them easy to access for your reps and audience?
    • How aligned are your functions?
    • Are your people fully on board with your strategy and confident to execute it?
  • 2
    • Have you adapted your content for specific virtual channels?
    • Do you understand the different levels of receptiveness to virtual communication by different professionals in different segments, countries or regions?
    • How do your field-based teams aim to engage healthcare professionals – and is there a consistent, evidence-based approach?
  • 3
    • How effective is your team at virtual interactions right now?
    • What skills do they need to improve?
    • Do they know how to establish a hook, ask quality questions and balance service with selling across different channels?
    • How effective are they at gaining customer commitment and agreeing next steps?
  • 4
    • How effective are your teams so far?
    • What are their successes and challenges, so you can identify best practice and common traps?
    • What were the results and how do they influence future strategy, content and skills development?


Working with STEM on this project has provided us with a clear and unique understanding of what is working well and where we need to build capabilities to deliver top-quality virtual interactions to our customers. It has been crucial to have such a project at this 'extraordinary' moment

MD, Italy

How a STEM project works

  • 1We partner with you to create the project’s objectives which we tailor to address your individual needs.
  • 2We produce a project workbook of standard questions and observations from which we can apply benchmarking.
  • 3We add customised questions and observations tailored to your specific direction and unique market situation.
  • 4We carry out confidential, anonymous virtual interviews with your head office, field leaderships and field teams.
  • 5We remotely observe field team interactions with customers and healthcare professionals.
  • 6We provide you with actionable insights and recommendations.

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