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First-line Manager Coaching Projects

Get actionable insight into your managers’ coaching

As the pharmaceutical industry has evolved and become more sophisticated, first-line managers (FLMs) have found themselves with more responsibilities than ever. Today, not only do FLMs play a critical part in delivering your strategy, but they also have the vital role of coaching and developing your sales teams.

But what do you know about their coaching? What methods are they using? And how effective are they at supporting their teams and improving performance?

STEM FLM coaching projects deep dive into your organisation to pinpoint strengths and opportunities for improvement, offering practical actions that help you achieve better results.

How do First-line Manager Coaching projects work?

Our 3-step approach to analysing the effectiveness of your FLM coaching:

  • 1 Interviewing

    We carry out in-depth interviews with your leadership team to understand what you want your FLM coaches to achieve, with your FLMs themselves to get their perspective and with your sales representatives to understand how the coaching impacts them.

  • 2 Observing

    We spend time observing first-hand the coaching interactions between FLMs and their teams, identifying and analysing strengths and opportunities for improvement.

  • 3 Reviewing

    Finally, we review and compare consecutive coaching reports from the FLMs to analyse the coaching continuum, field-team progression and accountability.

What you can expect to learn:

  • Where your FLMs are focusing their coaching efforts.
  • Whether coaching is aligned with your direction and priorities.
  • The extent to which FLM coaching is focused on developing selling skills.
  • How coaching capabilities compare to STEM industry benchmarks.
  • How coaching efforts are received by their teams.
  • Whether managers have the support, framework and tools necessary to coach effectively.
  • How managers are pulling through and implementing the action plan since the previous STEM project.
  • How to build on your team’s strengths and address root causes to accelerate performance.

When to run a STEM coaching project

First-line manager coaching projects are at their most effective when conducted four-to-six months after a STEM commercial project.

This allows us to assess managers’ implementation of your commercial project action plan, while also evaluating the impact of coaching on brand direction and KPIs.