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Field Access Projects

Optimising and prioritising field access activities to align with brand direction

The pharmaceutical industry is seeing an increase in the importance of payer customers, in addition to the prescriber’s role, in drug selection. To succeed, pharmaceutical manufacturers need an in- depth knowledge of this new dynamic. How engaging are your field access staff with this emerging customer group? How aligned are they with your intended brand direction and priorities? STEM Field Access teams will help you to quantify the area of Field Access, supporting improved processes and better outcomes.

Examples of what we quantify

STEM will measure over >140 KPIs, tailored to your needs. This will enable you to understand specifically what is happening within your team or organisation.

  • 1 What percentage of Access teams know, and believe in, the functional direction and prioritisation that has been set?
  • 2 What percentage of Access teams know and believe in the relevant elements of brand direction and prioritisation that has been set?
  • 3 What’s the belief and confidence to engage in prioritised brand and therapy area communication topics and customer partnership opportunities and projects?
  • 4 In what percentage of calls do field-based market access teams truly engage the customer through high value questions?


“STEM has provided me with invaluable operational insight into my business which has led to better, more focused plans across my region”

Head of Europe

“We have seen improved selling skills as audited by STEM and have accelerated market share gains across key brands, with IMS measured sales force details up by 30%”


“The consistent themes are the quality of STEM’s people and their ability to build credibility and engage productively with both local and global functions”

Global Commercial Operations Lead

Some principles of how we achieve field access excellence

  • 1Field days completed with all field-based Market Access staff to observe what happens in real life
  • 2A systematic process, with specific tailoring by client where necessary
  • 3Performed by an objective locally based, team independent of brand operation, all native speakers
  • 4A quantified and benchmarked set of results quantifying alignment and best practice
  • 5Conducted periodically as part of a regular process that reviews functional performance