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STEM is a leading brand performance company for global life science companies. It’s no secret that customer experience is paramount to brand performance—but getting timely feedback from HCPs can be a challenge. That’s where STEM steps in, going behind the scenes of field team engagements with our HCP 360° approach to uncover what your customers loved, liked, and missed from their interactions.

How our HCP 360° approach works.

More traditional methods of collecting feedback from HCPs have limited utility for understanding in-person engagements. STEM overcomes these challenges, aligning field teams and 95% of HCPs on questions and answers that reveal what enhanced or detracted from the HCP experience and why.

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Understanding how physicians experience in-person field team engagement for a competitive advantage.

Understanding how physicians experience in-person field team engagement is one of the most valuable insights a pharmaceutical brand can wield to gain a competitive advantage. The ability to analyze what field teams discuss versus how a physician receives information allows for strategic agility, which is extremely powerful for a brand. It is listening in real-time to what our customers value and translating this feedback to facilitate refining a customer strategy. 

Customer experience is changing the game for pharmaceutical brands while delivering better human health. 

That’s why we’ve been working hard at STEM to evolve our unique offering by encompassing customer experience feedback. And now, having run a series of pilots in eight markets using different questions and methodologies, we’re sharing what we’ve learned from developing HCP360° – our new insight offering.

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