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STEM Healthcare - What we do

About STEM® Healthcare

STEM's Evolution

Through innovation, strategic alignment and resiliency over the years, STEM has expanded to 49 countries with 150+ employees over the past 15 years

Fine tuning and accelerating brand performance

STEM Healthcare is the global benchmarking company that partners with 29 of the top 30 pharmaceutical companies to further accelerate performance. We work with commercial, field medical, field access and account management teams. Our benchmark database is the biggest in the industry, built on >300,000 in-field observations. We partner with you to identify practical evidence-based recommendations.

The STEM vision is to be in every brand plan, working to highly professional core values. We are based in seven offices globally, a presence in >45 countries, and experience in all therapy areas. STEM is a recipient of the prestigious Queen’s Award for Enterprise, recognising the contribution to international trade.